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Feb 28, 2016: Mix & Mingle Fundraiser at The Westbrook Tavern in West Brook, NJ.  

"What a great night at The Westbrook Tavern!!! The people at the Westbrook are the best. DJ Sally Spinner had over 80 women dancing all night (when I say just one more song I mean one more song. Lol). I want to thank everyone for their help and their support. This is just one of the many fun things that Women's Weekend is going to do before the big weekend in September. Thank you all." Kathy T.

Women often put many before themselves   even when they are in need of TLC. Mary's Place by The Sea offers women with cancer just that, TLC and time to take care of themselves during a challenging time in their lives. Since 2009, over 5,000 women with cancer have been "guests" of Mary's Place by the Sea. WWNJ was proud to choose Mary's Place by The Sea as it's first recipient of a donation. 

Thanks to the sponsors, the performers (who donated their time and talents to WWNJ), the amazing volunteers WWNJ, and all the women who made it down to the shore for a weekend in September of 2015. Because of each of you and the women who came together for a little fun in the sun, WWNJ was able to make this donation to a great organization. 


Feb 26, 2016: As stated in the mission statement of Women's Weekend NJ, Inc. (WWNJ), their mission is to combine their efforts in order to support women owned businesses, by providing education as well as helpful resources regarding women's issues. Kathy Taggart (WWNJ President) and Michelle Melia (WWNJ Vice President) presented a check to Michele Gannon, president of  Mary's Place by The Sea (Ocean Grove, NJ).